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Funky & Quirky Furniture Ideas

Funky & Quirky Furniture Ideas

Furniture trends and interior design change and evolve over time. Pieces and styles that were once popular are now often considered outdated and can really ruin the aesthetics of a room. Currently, a major trend that is on the rise is furniture that serves more than one function. For example, a piece can add to the beauty of your room while also serving as a hidden storage space. One design trend that will likely never go out of style is fun and funky furniture that looks beautiful, has a dual purpose, or serves as a conversation piece in your home.

On A Budget

Finding a unique or quirky item and turning it into a piece of furniture is an easy and inexpensive way to jazz up your current decor. One way is to take an old tabletop pinball game (or other game table), screw on a couple legs, and then admire the conversation piece that is sure to wow all of your guests. You can also take a thrift store or yard sale dresser and use that as the vanity in your powder room. This is a simple upgrade that will change the way you feel about your simple half-bath.

Big Splurge

If you are willing to put some dough into your design, there are many great designers and artists that you can purchase a dream piece from. While ‘quirky’ is not a design element that is going anywhere, it is possible that you may not love a particular piece forever. To combat this, I recommend looking for something that can be versatile and used in many different spaces. A great option is a retro or vintage style chair that can be used all over the house and is likely to only appreciate in value if it is well cared for.

DIY Design

If you know your way around a workshop and aren’t afraid of getting a little messy, creating your own piece is the ideal way to ensure you love your furniture and are able to get exactly what you want. A simple option is to reupholster an old couch or chair with a bright or unique fabric to punch the piece up a bit. If your skills are a bit more advanced, creating a unique seating area out of recycled pallets is a great way to increase seating and interest. Most of the tools necessary to build a quality piece are pretty standard, perhaps with the exception of a biscuit and domino joiner. These tools are used in many wooden projects and will make a great addition to any DIY-ers collection. Thus, there is no reason to feel like its a tool that will just gather dust on the shelf after your first project.

The best thing about choosing a quirky and fun piece of furniture to add to your home is that it can uniquely represent your personal style. Every room could use a bit of whimsy and whether you are looking to spend a bunch or pinch your pennies, your interior design does not need to suffer. Just be sure that you only get pieces you truly love because everyone deserves to feel comfortable and happy in their home.