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Sell With Us

How to Sell with HFOC

  • Using the form below, send us images of the piece you want to sell with a brief description of the item, including brand, condition and original purchase price.
  • Based on this information, you will be advised within 24 hours whether the item would be saleable by HFOC. If so, we will make an appointment to view the item, get photos and discuss the price and sales process with you. 
  • If the sale price is acceptable, we will email you a consignment agreement for electronic signature defining the agreed terms and conditions.
  • As soon as the consignment agreement is signed, the item will go online and be marketed for sale. 
  • If required, we will arrange for transportation and storage by professional furniture carriers. The cost for these services are paid by the consignee. 
  • Click here to read our Consignment Agreement. 

    Sample Scenario

    • HFOC selling price = $1,000
    • Contract amount (the net amount you receive when your item sells) $550
    • HFOC selling commission (45% of the selling price) $450
    • The contract is valid for 45 days. At 21 days, if the item remains unsold, we apply a 20% reduction to the selling price and the contract amount. Further reductions are by mutual agreement. 
    • Once your item has sold, you are paid within 30 days.

    Consign and Sell with Us

    If you would like to consign an item, simply attach photos of the piece you would like to sell with a brief description of the item, including age, brand, condition and original purchase price.