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About Us


Home Furniture on Consignment (HFOC) was originally founded in Sydney in 2002, by Scott Faso and his partner Charles Hardingham. What began in a warehouse space in Surry Hills is now Sydney's premier place for buying and selling pre-owned, high-quality designer furniture.

Michael Orringe is a native Australian from country New South Wales, who spent fourteen years living in Los Angeles, studying, and then working in the design field. He spent his first several years in California working on his degree in Interior Architectural Design in Santa Monica. Upon graduation, Michael worked with several noted American interior designers, in both Beverly Hills, California and Seattle, Washington.

Scott Faso moved to Sydney from Los Angeles in 1998, and he identified an interesting gap in the market. No marketplace existed to buy or sell high-end, designer furniture (for a good price!) when the items no longer suited the owner’s residence.

The idea came from his personal experiences of moving from a large house in Los Angeles to a terrace house in Sydney’s Paddington, then to a modern apartment, and then back to another terrace house. The furniture that was perfect for one space was completely wrong for the other.

Scott sold some pieces at auction for very little and others he just gave away. There were few other good options available.

Consignment selling is commonplace in California and has been a popular retail concept for more than 30 years. Scott thought it would work perfectly in Australia, and he was right. The concept of consignment was so well received that in 2006 HFOC expanded to a larger space in the growing furniture district of Alexandria.

In 2010, after having lived in California for fourteen years, Michael decided that it was time to move back to Sydney and reapply his design skills here in Australia. Michael became friends with HFOC’s founder while living in Los Angeles and they settled upon a comfortable working relationship in Sydney, with Michael working in the new Alexandria warehouse.

In 2015, after having worked for Scott for nearly five years, Michael had the opportunity to buy HFOC as Scott had decided to move on to other business ventures.

HFOC is now known throughout Australia as ‘the’ place to buy and sell quality pre-owned designer furniture.

For those the market to buy, you will find ‘as new’ pieces by brand names such as B&B Italia, Poliform, Herman Miller, Cassina, Minotti, Kartell, Ligne Roset and Jardan, as well as bespoke items commissioned by the country's leading interior designers—all for well below the retail showroom prices.

Whether you are upsizing, downsizing, rightsizing, redecorating or relocating, HFOC is an invaluable resource. We are here to assist you.

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