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Expressing Your Eclectic Side

Expressing Your Eclectic Side

One of our favourite Pinterest pin boards is our eclectic spaces board. There are Eclectic style is a term used when several interior design styles or elements that are from different periods and origins are used in one space. Often it is a beautiful mish-mash of creatively curated pieces that connects a person to a space. It can combine styles like mid-century modern, contemporary, Colonial, Art Deco, Moroccan, Scandinavian, and more. Many people who create eclectic spaces have a deep love and understanding of each element they bring to the room. Perhaps they purchased a piece of furniture on holiday, received it when a loved one had passed, or they simply know the story of the piece and how it came to be. Their reasons to bring each piece to their space helps to create a room that they love.thousands of creative eclectic spaces to be found for interior design inspiration.

When creating an eclectic space, keep these key points in mind:

  • Combine pieces that have a likeness, but do not match
  • Consider furniture from different eras, origins and materials
  • Add colourful accents like art or textiles to tie in larger pieces
  • Fill up your space - eclectic design is based on the idea that more is more
  • Play with different textures, from glass and metal to wallpaper and fabrics
  • Include great lighting to highlight your space
  • Have fun with it and love every piece

Eclectic Design

Many people only consider a room to be a design success when it is perfectly coordinated, when furniture is accurately to scale, and if the pieces are all logically connected to the period of the room. Where mainstream design is thought to be a melting pot of elements, perfecting combining all ingredients, eclectic design is a tossed salad, combining tastes and textures that work in perfect harmony. Eclectic style is appealing to the eye and that is why it is such a great success.