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Multifunctional Furniture To Watch For In 2019  

Multifunctional Furniture To Watch For In 2019  

With hot trends like downsizing and tiny living set to dominate in 2019, it’s no wonder that multifunctional furniture is, and will continue to be all the rage in the new year. Living in a smaller house isn’t just popular with the elderly after they enter retirement, but young couples are also looking for smaller homes, which naturally brings them to reconsider their furniture choices. So, if you’re about to move to a smaller house and need practical advice, or you’re simply a design lover and curious about the new trends, read on to find out what 2019 holds in store.

A painting that doubles as a chair

A lack of seating options can cause somewhat of a headache in a small space, especially when you’re having guests over. But guess what? You no longer have to seat your guests on the floor, as convertible paintings will do the trick. To elaborate, imagine the two basic parts of a painting: the masterpiece and the frame. When it’s not hanging on the wall, the 2-part frame can rotate up to 30 degrees, which serves as the support of the upper, seating part of the chair, which in reality is the painting itself. It may sound odd, but rest assured it works and adds a surprising aesthetic factor to one’s interior. Obviously, the masterpiece won’t be an original Goya piece, but it can be an imitation of a classic, like the Mona Lisa or whatever style fits with the rest of the ambience.

A cabinet mirror

Who doesn’t like a full-sized mirror? However, in a small space, having such a big item might mean letting go of other necessities like closet space, right? Wrong! With a standing cabinet mirror, you can have both. The secret of this piece is that the mirror can open, much like a closet door, where you can store not just clothes, but jewellery and other smaller items you use on a daily basis. Another benefit of this type of mirror is that it can be relocated from one room to the other in no time, as it’s not attached to anything. What is more, you can add wheels, which will make it easier for you to roll it to whichever room you’d like. When it comes to aesthetics, bear in mind that a mirror actually adds more light. Needless to say, this is especially important in a smaller space, which makes it a popular and necessary decor piece in 2019.

Adjustable overbed desk

The adjustable overbed desk just might be the ultimate winner when it comes to design trends for 2019. Not only does it serve as a work desk that hovers over your bed, but because you can roll it, it can stand by a wall and be used as a shelf. Needless to say, it offers extra storage space and can be used in any room. But the reason most people fall in love with this item in no time is that it allows them to stay in bed. No matter how big or small your bed is, you can adjust the desk to any size and height, and get all the work done from the comfort of your bed. The overbed desk can be made of wood, steel or any other sturdy material for that matter, so you can choose the one that fits best with your style.

Living in a smaller space does not mean you have to say goodbye to aesthetics just because functionality is your priority. With these innovative and aesthetically-pleasing pieces you can have both.