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‘Grey Lines’ Original Oil on Linen Artwork by Terri Brooks 2002

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It’s unusual that we take original artwork but this one is a stunner. ‘Grey Lines’ by Terri Brooks was produced in 2002.

The painting is oil on linen. Originally purchased from Harris Courtin Gallery. 

A note from Terri. 

When I refer to ‘pure’ abstraction, I am thinking more about, say, the visual difference between Expressionism and Abstract Expressionism. One is full of spiky elongated, exaggerated reality coupled with recognisable human expression, anxiety being predominant. The other is not illustrational; instead, it is marked by mood, observation, energy and the actually visible involvement of the painterly mark.

Andrew Gaynor, excerpt from the opening speech, ‘Direction Now’, 21 October 2014. Coming from an earlier background in contemporary landscape abstraction Terri Brooks’ paintings and sculptural paper pieces extend the boundaries of her chosen media.

'My current personal challenge as an artist is to try and make paintings via the most simple means which I hold as a supreme value. Over time the content of my works has reduced so they are now mostly constructed with fundamental elements including black, white, dot and line and horizontals and verticals. The paintings arise from an intuitive repetitive process of mark making and layering informed by observations of natural environmental processes, including weathering, ageing, and renewal coupled with an inner quest to find new solutions and visual expressions.’

Architectural elements observed during her regular inner-city walks also inform the work as does a love of patterns and the Australian tradition to ‘make do’ which has fascinated the artist since childhood.

In 2014 Brooks was selected to hang in eight separately curated group shows, including a major group show of ten artists titled 'Direction Now' at the Town Hall Gallery in Hawthorn, staged in response to the Direction 1 show held in 1956 which was the first exhibition in Australia to legitimise abstraction. 

Terri Brooks studied at RMIT University and in 2010, as a research scholarship recipient, graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Ballarat.

In 2006 she was invited to participate in a government-funded artist workshop in far North East Germany, and in 2009 she was again invited to exhibit in a two-person show officially opened by the Australian Embassy in Berlin at the State Gallery in Neubrandenburg. Since 1989 she has held twenty solo exhibitions as well as participating in shows in the US, UK, Germany, Hong Kong and New Zealand. She has been selected as a finalist several times in the Fleurieu Art Prize and The Tattersall’s Landscape Art Prize.

She has been a finalist in many other prizes including the Kedumba Invitation Drawing Award and the Alice Prize and has been awarded a BP Acquisitive Award and an Australia Council Grant. Her work is in the Neubrandenburg Museum Collection, Germany, The Macquarie Group Collection, Westpac Bank, many other corporate collections, as well as numerous private collections in Australia, the United States, England, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Hong Kong.

For over ten years her works have been sought by leading interior designers and architects to enhance exclusive and award-winning interiors.

Width 1545
Height 1240


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