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Is old new again?

Is old new again?

The title of this post forms the recently announced theme for this year's Australian International Design Awards which begin next month at Sydney's Powerhouse Museum. The theme is based on the premise that we are now living in a world where change is so rapid that our notions of ‘normal’ are constantly shifting. In all fields of the design world - from architecture, interiors and fashion to graphic and product design – we are increasingly looking to the past to combine cutting-edge technology with human sensibility. It's like a return to the artisanal, the personal and the traditional.

The Sydney Design website explains, "Designers everywhere are reworking, recycling, and reconfiguring everything about the way we think, behave, create and consume design. At the core of this is a craving felt by designers and consumers for sincerity, honesty and fairness." The event is asking whether a return to the past, where design was more personal, intimate and individually crafted would offer a new and worthwhile starting point for practitioners today?

This year will be the event's 15th birthday and the event should provide the unusual dose of inspiring exhibitions, workshops, talks, seminars and installations to be announced soon (we will keep you updated with any of particular worthiness!). The team at HFOC can't wait.

The event kicks off July 30. Head here for updates.