Design Trend: Copper Inflections

When many people think of copper, pennies, pipes or kitchen condiment jars usually come to mind. However, copper is becoming increasingly popular in the world of Interior Design and Architecture because of its warmth and lustre. It is very easily incorporated into spaces of all aesthetics including modern and minimalistic spaces, traditional designs, or mid-century inspired rooms. Copper can be easily paired with woods of all shades, stones of all textures, and furniture of all styles.

Copper sheet is very lightweight, making it easy to work with, which is why many builders, artisans and industrial designers opt to use it. It is visually attractive and extremely durable, especially when used in high-traffic areas. You can see this tested in the two bronze baptistery doors at the Duomo in Florence, Italy, where they have been on display since 1423 AD. Many design materials and products are now being produced with the cost-effective and luxurious looking material. It is being used in details like lighting, fireplaces, water fountains and even walls and ceilings.

As copper begins to age it will develop a patina, which is an integral feature of the material. As it continues to weather, the original copper glow will slowly change to a warm brown and eventually lead to a distinctive green colour. Copper can easily been cleaned with a variety of methods to help keep it stay its original beautiful sheen.

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